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After reading numerous praises, feedbacks and questions about Brian Klepacki’s Unlock Your Glutes we decided to access this program and find out if it really delivers something unique that it claims or it is just a copy-paste work. After reading and testing it, here is our review.

We are living in a society where men and women are getting self-conscious about their health and looks. Men are looking to get solid six-pack abs while women are looking to get a slimmer body. However, men and women both desire to have a round-firm backside because of no one likes flat butt.

A well-round butt is considered a symbol of strength, sensuality, and fertility. If you keep on failing to develop a well-round butt doesn’t matter how many squats, lunges, and deadlifts you are performing then Unlock Your Glutes book has a solution for you.

Building a well-shaped butt doesn’t require squats, lunges or deadlifts. It also doesn’t need you to lift heavy weights. All you need is the right approach to target your glutes because glute muscles are the biggest muscle in your body.

Let’s take a look what Unlock Your Glutes system has to offer…

What Is Unlock Your Glutes?

unlock your glutes dvdUnlock Your Glutes by Brian Klepacki is 4-week step-by-step glutes training program created for all those men and women who want to sculpt and strengthen their butts to improve overall body shape.

This program consists of manual and workout video for 36 exercises that required only 15 minutes twice a week. The manual exposes myths and misconceptions about building glutes. According to the author, he designed these 36 exercises after going through many scientific research and studies.

This program works for men and women both doesn’t matter if you are gym addict or never gone to the gym before. These exercises are suitable for any individual with any fitness level. However, if you sustained a knee injury in the past, then you should consider consulting your physician first before starting this workout regime.

Here are four components that you will get in this program:

  • Main Manual
  • Workout Videos (Home and GYM Editions)
  • Exercising Chart
  • Exercise Pictures and Definition
  • [Bonus] Strong Leg Workout
  • [Bonus] 14-Day Rapid Weight Loss Plan

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Who Is Brian Klepacki? Can We Trust His Advice?

You will find many health and fitness programs that are created by authors who hide their identity. Thankfully, this is not the same case with this program.

Brian KlepackiBrian Klepacki is a well-known name in Florida. People like to call him Coach Brian. He holds Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. After that, he completed his Masters in Exercise Science from Florida Atlantic University in Exercise Science.

Apart from education, Brian has received many certificates for his work in the fitness industry that show his professionalism and knowledge about the human body.

Brian owns Optimax Performance Training, and due to this, he has a strong following in St. Petersburg, Florida where he lives with his wife and a son.

Brian is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and running a fitness program in Florida for the last 16 years. He has appeared in many magazines and fitness related shows.

Due to his experience and knowledge, he was once consulted to work with American Olympic and Triathlon teams. He also worked in National Football League (NFL).

Brain Klepacki claims that he cracked the code of training Glutes that make them grow effectively. He revealed this training secret inside Unlock Your Glutes program.

Considering his experience and knowledge, we can say Brian Klepacki is one of the fitness experts we can trust.

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In-Depth Chapter by Chapter Review:

The main manual of Unlock Your Glutes divided into thirteen chapters covering everything about glutes from benefits of strong glutes to enhancing their shape.

To provide a clear view of this program, we have decided to include a summary of each chapter so you’ll get a better idea what you are going to find in this book.

Chapter 1 – Meet Your Glutes: Before strengthening the glutens you will learn about the importance of glutes in the development of upper body and daily activities.

Chapter 2 – Anatomy and Bio-Mechanics of The Glutes: This chapter contains a short anatomy lesson on Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus muscles and their role in developing attractive booty.

Chapter 3 – The Sleeping Giant: This chapter reveals an easy glutes activation technique that will fire up your glutes before any workout.

Science Based Glutes WorkoutChapter 4 – A Healthy Front = A Healthy Back: In this chapter, Brian revealed how a strong butt relieves back pain and make normal daily activity easy to perform.

Chapter 5 – Health Benefits of Strong Glutes: This chapter highlights the health risk of weak butt muscles. Additionally, this chapter has a list of benefits of strong glutes that will motivate you to complete recommended exercises.

Chapter 6 – The Posterior Powerhouse: Brian reveals how a strong butt can release the strong power that comes handy in sports or everyday life.

Chapter 7 – Building A Bigger Stronger Booty: This chapter contains exercises that can improve the shape of butt and make it a perfectly toned butt.

Chapter 8 – Burn Fat and Sculpt A Rounder Booty: This chapter contains a good combination of cardio and resistance training workout to target your glutes and ensure maximum results.

Chapter 9 – The Scientific Solution: You will find exercises that are scientifically proven to enhance butt size and shape. Additionally, Brian posted a scientific citation to back his claim.

Chapter 10 – Program Overview and Parameters: This chapter contains great parameters on cardio, warm up, nutrition and much more. You will also get a finisher move that will help you to stay on track.

Chapter 11 – Final Thoughts About The System: In this chapter, Brian has shared his thoughts on the entire Unlock Your Glutes PDF.

Chapter 12 – Workout Charts: This chapter contains workout charts that you can use to get maximum results in shortest time. You can use these workout charts to perform these workouts twice in a week or as many times as you like.

Chapter 13 – Exercise Definition and Pictures: This last chapter contains definition and pictures of all 36 exercises that you will find inside this guide.

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Some Benefits Of Unlock Your Glutes:

gm3 methodBrian has created this step-by-step glutes training program based on scientifically proven ‘GM3’ approach. The main focus of this GM3 technique is to strengthen your glutes muscle. You will find some important exercises for building strength and eliminate ugly fat.

Here are some unique benefits of this program:

36 Glute Specific Exercises:

Brian designed these 36 exercises to target each part of the glutes to sculpt the back side and create stronger, firmer and round butt.

Build Your Backside:

Unlock Your Glutes exposes the myths around the topic of building the backside such as lifting heavy weight in the GYM. If you target wrong muscles, you will only target your leg instead of back and end up wasting your time.

Glute Development:

This program highlighted glute development barriers that you can fix them by developing and reactivating your glutes

Strong Muscles & Strength:

The program based on a GM3 method that helps in waking up the glutes muscle to build muscle and strength for building strong muscles.

The Pros:

Brian Klepacki Is Professional Trainer

Brian is the author and editor of a site called criticalbench.com, an authority site that is providing muscle building and fat loss tips since 1999.

Brian is also the head coach of Optimax Performance Training where he is helping people to achieve their fitness goals in the shortest time possible.

We personally believe he is qualified to create this type of program. He has completed his Master’s degree in Exercise Science and is now a certified Conditioning Specialist and Nutritionist.

Achieve Stronger Glutes:

One of the benefits of glutes exercises is to help you achieve heart-shaped back which can do wonders for building self-esteem.

Another benefit of stronger glutes is to help you avoid injury and improve your performance. You will able to perform better, run faster and lift heavy weight.

Stronger glutes also prevent and improve poor posture. Bad posture link to numerous health problems such as back pain, heart problems and many more.

Inexpensive Compare To Other Programs:

There are very few programs available in the fitness industry that targets glutes. These programs are either incomplete or very expensive.

Thankfully, Brian has kept the price of this program just under $20 to make it affordable for everyone. Click this special link to get this program at $20 including 60-days money back guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee:

Yes, the investment $20 you are going to make in this program is protected with 60 days money back guarantee. We firmly believe 60 days are enough to try this program a couple of time to see if it is working for you.

If you don’t see any results even after applying your full efforts, you can ask for a refund. All you need to do is send a simple message to Brian or his support team, and you will get a full money back.

The Cons:

Not A Substitute For Professional Advice:

If you sustain an injury especially in knees, hips or back, then it is important to first consult your doctor or therapist before starting this program.

Needs Efforts and Dedication:

Although workouts are easy to perform but your success depends upon how dedicated you are towards achieving your fitness goals. You have to implement workouts regularly if you want to see results with this program.

It’s a Digital Program:

Digital programs have its benefits like it saves shipping cost and you get instant access. However, if you are living in a remote region where you don’t have access to a reliable internet connection, then you will get problems in accessing it.

Final Verdict – Is It Worth The Time and Money?

We believe it is! Unlock Your Glutes eBook comes at a small fee of $17, and it is backed with 60-days money back guarantee so you can try without any risk. Considering such a low price backed by money back guarantee we think this is a valuable investment in your health for strengthening your glutes.

Brian Klepacki is easily findable on the internet, and he has many videos on Youtube and Facebook. In our research, we discover this program deliver the positive results.

However, if you have back, hips or leg problems in the past then you should consult your doctor and ask if it safe for you to follow this program.

If you want to try Brian’s Unlock Your Glutes program, you can use this secret link to get this complete program in just $17 along with complete money back guarantee.

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